Become a Citizen Scientist at Tappan Lake!

By Kara Musser

May 15, 2018

Dragonflies and damselflies are extremely important to the ecosystem.  These insects are predators at all stages of life, feeding on nuisance species such as mosquitoes and flies.  Dragonflies and damselflies begin their lives underwater and then transform into flying adults, providing an essential food source for fish, amphibians, birds, bats, reptiles, and other insects.  They are also indicators of the biological health of a habitat.  They are sensitive to heavy metals and will not be present in habitats with poor water quality, which is why researchers are looking for more information.

Many research projects are so large that they need the help of the public, like you!  Anyone can be a citizen scientist - No experience is needed for this project, all you need is a camera. This year, Tappan Lake Park will be participating in a statewide effort to document dragonflies and damselflies by taking as many pictures as possible. Then the photos will be uploaded to a database to that compiles the information from all over Ohio, where other people will identify the species and researchers can access important data.

For more information on this project you can visit this website You can submit the photos yourself or stop by the Nature Center and our naturalist will be glad to assist you.


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