Registration Now Open for Guided Kayak Events at Tappan Lake!

June 1, 2017

Kayaking has been one of the fastest growing watersports in North American and has become increasingly popular at all of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District’s lakes.  Kayakers can enjoy relaxing on the water while soaking up the sun and connecting to nature.  Kayaks specifically setup for fishing can provide a way to find the perfect fishing spot in shallow, natural areas where most other boats are not able to explore.  Paddling the boat also provides a perfect way to exercise and stay active outdoors. 

Kayaks are available at most sporting goods, outdoor retail, and big box stores, plus they are relatively inexpensive.  The Ohio Division of Watercraft reports that kayaks and canoes are the fastest growing boating registration type in the state.  The MWCD manages 10 lakes, 16,000 acres of water, and has seen an increase in kayakers everywhere.  Atwood, Charles Mill, Clendening, and Piedmont Lakes are all low horsepower lakes, which is perfect for paddling a kayak.  The MWCD is excited to offer a variety of kayaking programs to give people an opportunity to try kayaking for the first time, explore the lakes on leisurely tour, and learn how be safe while on the water. 

A variety of kayaking programs will be offered throughout the summer at Tappan Lake Park.  Free kayaking try-it programs will offer participants a short introduction onshore, then a single or double kayaks to try near the shoreline for short periods of time. Guided kayak tours and moonlight kayak trips are also planned throughout the summer.  Kayak Tours are guided by park staff and offer a group experience on the water to discover the plants, animals, and history of the lakes.  Moonlight kayak trips are guided tours by the light of the full moon, June through September.  

Click here to register for the Moonlight Kayak on June 9.  Registration is $20 per participant and includes gate fee, instruction, and equipment rental. Must be 12-years-old for Moonlight Kayaks and weight limits apply for all kayak programs. Kayak programs meet at the Tappan Lake Park swimming beach.

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