Off Season Camping

October 11, 2014

     Starting last year with the advent of online reservations, the MWCD had to change the way it conducts camper registration.  Campers may remember that they used to come into the campground, find an empty campsite, set up, and then go pay or self-register.  That worked when we didn’t have reservations.  Now, EVERY lot is reserveable.  That means unless there is a sign on the lot post indicating “Walk-in-Only”, assume that the site is occupied.  “Walk-in-Only” will be the only sign you will ever see on a lot post.

     So how do you obtain a campsite?  The simplest way is to reserve one on-line:  Your reservation must be completed two days, 48 hours, prior to your arrival.  If you want to wait until you arrive, or missed the 48 hour window; you can come to the park and look for a site.  Once you find several sites that meet your needs; go to the park office and inquire as to the availability of that site; if it is vacant you can rent it.  If you setup on a site before checking, you may be asked to move if there is a reservation for that site.

     During the off season the office isn't open as late; therefore, we have self-registration available.  This is located at the park entrance gate.  There is a list of available lots posted on the gate house door, select a lot from that list, cross it off, complete the self-registration envelope, place the appropriate amount of money in the envelope, and drop it into the slot.  A Ranger will then process your camping permit and deliver it to you. Camping is only $20/night.

     Campers that are storing on a campsite can now register on their way into the park, at the gate house.  Simply put your name and lot number on the envelope, place your payment in the envelope, and drop it in the slot.  The Ranger will complete your permit and deliver it to your campsite. 

     If you have any questions you can always call the park office at:     740-922-3649, or stop the Ranger and they will be more than happy to help you.

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